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How deflationary is Amazon?

Best Buy could answer

Marc Faber actually do anything?

I see him on TV in a different Bloomberg studio every week.  I was a subscriber to his newsletter at one time. Even if you're expensing it, him regurgitating other people's work isn't worth it.  This is great: he expects QE3.. but not right away.  Not to be confused with, "the market is going some point".  I'll be honest, when he's on I'm really just looking for a peak at the ponytail.  It awesome, but elusive.

Rapid Fire:

  • Is the name Quantitative Easing hilarious to the guy charged with putting a spin on Operation Desperation?
  • If the Fed added a '0' to everyone's bank account, did they achieve anything?
  • Reggie Middleton is good, right?
  • Hasn't Shiller been saying his Index (which lags) is going lower for months?
  • Is Odyssey Marine going to $10?
  • Isn't the oil speculators arguement old? West Virginia, really?
  • Is the coal industry going to make Wall Street bonuses look like the kids' party?
  • How does $330 Met play out for Peabody, with no 2012 contracted?