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Secure Infrastructure Stimulus Spending Would Be Investment, Not Dice Roll

Civil infrastructure construction and reconstruction was a hot topic after an I35 bridge in Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River, killing and injuring over 150 people in 2008. However, the financial sector meltdown that September stole the drama.

Media hype doesn't last with something so understandable as a bridge collapse. Once the investigators announce the cause, we say, "Oh, a bridge collapsed. I can see how that happened." And we move on. But a tanking financial sector within the larger world economy is too complex and the fear of the unknown produces odd behaviors.

Bridges, waterworks, highways, ports, air traffic control, dams, and myriad other economic and political power multipliers require investment now before the currency is allowed to slide any further. However, more public money has chased intangible price stabilization than basic business (infrastructure) development these past few years.

The apparent wealth around us can be deceiving. It is aging and breaking down. New development of alternative energy and homeland security infrastructures also beckons Congress and the President to act efficiently.

Do read this report at the Business Insider about the amazing diversity and weight of infrastructure development and renewal. It has series of about 15 photographs that say a few trillion words about a few trillion dollars. The short to midterm employment that would have to happen inside the US to get these projects done would generate economic benefits beyond the construction industry.

Key economic engine items imply future economic growth from which to expand the tax base and bail out the bail outs that seem never to end. They will definitely end without an infrastructure to support the sources.