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Everyone Talks About Ethics

Weakness. It starts with the avaricious mindset of corporate leaders who lose the lenses of their service ethic when they look at numbers. They begin to think that the consumers, employees and taxpayers are tools by which they show the investors a good time then take the credit for it. What they really owe the investors is a sound investment that first preserves their wealth, then grows it in a way that does not threaten its preservation.

The consumers', employees', and the investors' best interests must find each other. That is the demand of higher ethics and sound service; of a better, more professionally accountable system of doing business and government. The government's investors are the taxpayers and any person whose work saves the government money.

These businessmen and lawyers become government executives and congresspersons via the revolving door system they've manipulated to control and not serve. That revolving door system must be forever closed.

Forget "isms." Forget socialism, communism, capitalism etc. Think "ics," as in "ethics" or "economics." The current system of corrupt conflicts of interest needs to be permanently enjoined.

What sort of culture breeds corruption? Corruption makes a sham of the Constitution, law, and democracy. It undermines our example abroad, damaging our foreign policy influence and putting our troops in harm's way because there is less moral clout to sway others to help preserve US interests.

US culture must change. In many areas this means returning to a more innocent time. In others, it means recognizing where we've never been innocent. Corrupt culture breeds corrupt leadership. Corruption and selfishness may be ancient, but that is no reason to accept them as a people. Wisely, incrementally, cultural reform will yield leadership reform.