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In the beginning ...

Maybe you know the story.

You started  trading some years ago - but your performance has been mediocre.
You wanted to start a cool homepage on trading and investing - but so far you are not a contributor to the evergrowing numbers of bits and bytes on the net.
Your portfolio would outperform the stuff you find in the latest financial magazine, put together by some 'experts' from the financial business. But yours is not posted.
You promised to condense and write down your thoughts on a daily basis - but as nobody reads it, you gave up after a few days.

Well, that's not longer me. I will make a change.

I hope you will find the time and follow my posts during the next ... decades. It will help me to focus on what is the dream of my life: financial independence. Hopefully, it will help you to get some insights, inspiration, ideas and knowledge. And - with your feedback - it will do the same for me.