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Traders come in many kinds ....

What kind of trader are you?

I guess, back some years it would have been easy for me to answer that question. But nowadays it is not.
I do not want to give you an exhaustive list of trading styles here. If you follow Seeking Alpha, chances are you know what kind of styles are out there. I just want to emphasize, that my style changed. A lot.

Back in the 'old days' I was the Peter Lynch type ... studying business administration even added to that. I was sure, I could get an edge by analysis of companies, or at least some hands-on experience with the performance of businesses.
Today, I can read what analysts think about the company I work for. I can digest their xls-spreadsheets; see what the consensus earnings estimates are. And what our own forecast is ... Those guys do nothing but analysis 24 hours a day - only in one field of business. Still their work is very often crap.

Today I entered DOU.ETR. Its a nice breakout on high volume - get the chart. I did place a S/L at 31.50 and checked the news on the company later. Looks like a take-over could take place - 3 % of the shares accumulated by a not-so-friendly rival.
Nice break-out and a liquidity driven market moving up since weeks - that's the kind of stuff I trade mid-term now.

Is the one way better then the other? Can you do both? Shall you choose one or the other depending on circumstances? What is the best style for the current markets?

If you are one kind of a trader - ask yourself whether you waste a huge part of your potential ...