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Black Swan planning, let's do a thought exercise

As a thought exercise, I'm interested in projecting forward a worst-case scenario wherein all of the "bad things" that potentially could go wrong... do.

Proposition (not necessarily in order, but probably close):

  1. The world rejects the false recovery and all the government issued cheques come due
  2. China floats their own currency and sells all US-backed debt
  3. The middle-east and south america rebase on Yuan
  4. The UK becomes insolvent and degenerates into chaos
  5. The Euro splits into 50+ location-/religion-/ethnic-based zones
  6. Japan collapses as they cannot feed themselves
  7. The US enters into a long cold-war with China
So, image all of the above occur, what do you do to prepare for this?  Ultimately, how do you ensure that the needs of you and your loved ones are preserved?

Are we hoarding commodities for short-/mid-term positional strength?
Reentering Agriculture backing for long-term stability (everyone's gotta eat!)?
Supporting the repatriation of manufacturing out of China and back to our citizens?

Disclosure: Totally exited back to cash, holding broad spread of FX (AUD, USD, JPY, CAN), 10% wealth in PMs