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The Dean admit error

Received the following email from The Dean

The Dean will be the first to admit that $PGCX did NOT pan out exactly like he'd planned.

First, there were only several newsletters that joined The Dean’s $PGCX bandwagon to date:

Second, it appears that 3rd parties have been compensating "newsletters" with free-trading shares of common stock, in lieu of cash.

This creates too many sellers, and historically these free-trading stock promotional plays haven’t worked out.

The Dean wants all his students to consider “cutting the cord” if the trade doesn’t go your way.

Yes, The Dean is the first to promote. What the difference? You need to know that the person paid the Dean, their interest is only to sell their stocks, not to pump the stock first.

Remember, everyone talks pump and dump. I tell you that you should think dump only. They do not have to pump first. Their interest is to sell the share as much as possible. Got it? They pay someone, and pump the stock next to let you earn money? The logic is wrong. Think about it.