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One Root Cause Of America's Troubles: Incomplete 16th Amendment

The main issue of the American Revolution was taxation without representation. Our problem today is actually representation without taxation. Allow me to explain. The 16th Amendment to the US Constitution gave the government the authority to burden Americans with income taxes. However, it did not restrict the power of the vote on fiscal policies to the taxpayers. This disconnect created an unbalance of power that has permitted representatives to effectively buy votes from non-taxpayer voters using government programs.

There are millions of voting citizens that never pay income taxes yet these millions of citizens are able to pool together (they are organized) and use their voting power to choose leaders that form fiscal policies that further burden the American taxpayers. This directly causes the regulated re-distribution of wealth. Additionally, this fosters a bi-partisan environment where BOTH SIDES negotiate deals to get their bills passed using collateral provided at the expense of the US taxpayers. It costs us twice as much because we have to pay for the X program expenses and then we have to pay for the Y program to purchase enough votes from the other side to pass the X program bill. With two parties, they can maneuver to stall and avoid passing laws (such as term limits), start and cancel each others expensive programs such that no benefit is realized (super collider, A-12 fighter program, and many others), and implementation of other bi-partisan tactics. The whole thing is a shell game complete with shills and suckers, and they are getting bolder and more reckless.

If we really want to make a difference, we must regain control of our country by correcting a mistake that was introduced with the incomplete 16th Amendment that burdened us with income taxes without limiting the power of fiscal policy voting to the taxpayers. We must demand that our constitution is amended to restore the balance of power that was taken by the incomplete 16th Amendment.  Please learn more about the US Stakeholders Movement, which addresses the true root causes of many of our nation's troubles.

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