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|Includes: NDAQ, PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ)

Has anybody noticed where the NDX is? It is almost right back to its 2007 levels. Lehman Shmeman. Bear Stearns? Who needs brokerage firms/investment banks? The NDX loves unemployment, deflation/inflation concerns and home foreclosures.
I am hoping the sky falls so the NDX can bust right through these levels.

The NDX is taunting us. It wants us to destroy something else. It is daring us to do it.
Maybe if the US defaults on its bonds that will fuel an all time high? Nah, that wont be enough. I know what will make this sucker reach all time highs. If Europe vanishes. That's right. I bet if Europe disappears that the NDX will blast off and go right to 10,000.

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