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Trading system update

Gives a buy signal on IYT. Buys at 80.55.

This system is not perfect and this may have been triggered in error. Nothing is perfect right? I am keeping a close eye on this one and will kick it out if it goes bad. The system has been doing great and there is no reason to blow it up because of a possible glitch.

It is a system that uses ETFs only, no individual stocks.

10 yr avg  (start date June 5 2000) is 12.79% a year, S&P 500 avg is negative 2.71% a year.

Net gain for system is 234.36%
Net gain for S&P 500 is - 24.05%

66.67% accuracy.

Here are the trades it is still in. It closed some recently and these are what's left in the portfolio.

EWM up 48%   Long since April '09
GLD up 44%    Long since December '08
EWC up 48%   April '09
UUP up 10% Went long January '10

It closed out recently:

ILF for a 42% profit.
EPP for 35% profit
EWZ 45% profit
June 2 closed out EWD 46% profit.