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Double Dipping

The "pilot" post of my blog is about the speculation that there will be another steep drop in this recession before we see a full recovery. There a great number of bulls out there in the market who feel that the worst is over and there's nothing but rainbows with pots of gold at the end from here on out. As nice as that would be, I see another decline in the equity markets before recovery is reached. Why you ask? Let's take into account the recent Q3 earnings from the vast number of companies that reported them. Hat's off to those that reported positively for Q3, you've weathered the storm that has been this great recession and now you're free to squander and drain your excess balances as you please. I say nay. Many of the companies that reported said earnings were able to because of cut expenses, not because of an increase in raw profitability. Therefore, I believe this bull market is mislead. I have held the notion since last January that we will see a false bull market and here it is. Investors are counting their chickens before they hatch and will soon find out that they're hold a nest of rotten eggs. I'm predicting that the markets will expose themselves around the time that Q4 earnings come in. When there are no more expenses to be cut and these establishments are stripped down to pure bone, they will be forced to report earnings that reflect the fact that we are still very much in this recession. There are people that will agree with me out there, which could also be why the equity markets are hiking up. Investors taking on short their short positions could appear like confidence in equities when in fact the bears are preparing for the downturn. A combination of these will factors has created a mirage for the eagerly bullish investor who merely hopes that this dream recovery is a reality. Pay heed my  friends, you will soon be roused to the true reality.