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10 Reasons Why Obama Cannot Fix America's Fiscal Mess

|Includes: BLK, GE, SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), GOOG, GS, KO, MCD, MS, MSFT, PEP, SLV, SPY

Private Wealth Adviser:

1. The president has never run a business.

2. Obama's political allies are not capitalists.

3. Upon his Inauguration, Obama was handed a huge economic wildfire...and is responding with gasoline.

4. The free market and its principles are seen as an impediment to his socialist ideals.

5. Deficit spending is considered a great idea in the West Wing. This is no different from the previous president. But unlike George W. Bush, Obama has no interest in tax cuts for America's most productive citizens.

6. Job growth in the United States is focused on government jobs. This is by design.

7. The president and his administration are creating a dependent army of voters for the Democratic party with handouts and entitlements.

8. Despite a stated desire to work with republicans, the reality is this is payback time for the previous eight republican years. The list of Pelosi, Reid and Frank enemies in Congress who deserve to be "punished" is long.

9. Bernanke will be reappointed ad nauseum.

10. Even if Barack Obama were a liberty loving, Adam Smith following, tax cutting, government shrinking capitalist...the snowball rolling down the hill to financial ruin may all ready be too big to stop.


The top 20 Bankers of the West (Goldman, JP Morgan, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, etc.) are never going to give up the power they have over the G-7 governments. What, really, could Obama do to stop them?