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The Four Horsemen (January 2010)

|Includes: AAPL,, Inc. (AMZN), BB, GOOG


Below is a chart of the stock price performance over the past year of the “new” Four Horsemen (Amazon, Apple, Google, and Research in Motion). These are, according to Jim Cramer, the new leaders of information technology. As the chart shows, Apple has performed the best over the past year with Amazon a close second. Google is in the middle of the pack while Research in Motion has performed the weakest.
Over the past year Amazon and Apple have each returned 71.8% and 74.1% respectively (using continuously compounded returns as opposed to the discrete returns shown in the chart). Google and Research in Motion have each returned 44.2% and 11.8% respectively. An equally weighted portfolio of these four stocks would have, as of January 29, 2010, produced a one year return of 50.5%. Not too bad.


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