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Pharmaceuticals Have Strong Trading Days

In pharmaceutical news, Celldex (NASDAQ:CLDX) is having a very strong trading day on Wall Street. The company's stock is currently up 25.73% to $6.94. The sharp uptick in the stock comes on the heels of the firm's release of Phase II results of for its medication for breast cancer. The Needham, Massachusetts-based company is focused on creating solutions that take advantage of human's immune response system to create ways to prevent and cure diseases. The company is coming off of a third quarter that saw a net profit loss of 482.73%.

In metal news, MolyCorp (MCP) is having a very strong trading day on the market. The stock is currently up 16.67% at $10.43. The uptick in the stock comes as investors have found a renewed confidence in the direction of the company. The Colorado-based company specializes in rare earth metals such as cerium and europium. The company is coming off of a third quarter net profit loss of 7.19% and a net operating loss of 19.61%.

In energy news, Nexen Inc. (NXY) is having a good trading day. The company's stock has improved 14.05% to $26.83. The stock's improvement comes after it was announced that the company would be acquired for $15.1 billion by Beijing-based energy conglomerate CNOOC Limited. The acquisition is viewed by many industry experts as a positive move for the company that will strengthen its opportunities in the coming years. Nexen (NXY) is an international energy company that specializes in oil and gas assets round the world.

In biotechnology news, molecular diagnostics company CombiMatrix (NASDAQ:CBMX) is having a very good in trading. The company specializes in genetic and molecular solutions. The company has had a very eventful few trading sessions that started last week. On Friday, the company improved its stock 316%. Continuing this staggering trading day, the firm's stock is currently trading up 31.05%. The positive movement in the stock comes on the heels of the firm announcing positive results in a study that weighed chromosomal microanalysis as a stronger alternative to traditional karyotyping in the prenatal diagnose of stillbirths.

Tech Target Inc. (NASDAQ:TTGT) is a provider of online content and brand advertising for companies in the corporate information technology industry. Today Tech Target Inc. (TTGT) is having a strong trading day on Wall Street. The company is currently trading up 7% at $5.35. The firm's net profit margin is currently up 2.88% and its operating margin is 4.98%.

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