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10 Millionaires in Currency Trading

Liteforex has posted a list of 10 successful and legendary forex traders, whose profit at the Forex market is calculated in millions of dollars:

1) Warren Buffet - according to the Forbes magazine ranking he is among the top five richest people in America, his fortune is estimated at $36 billion. Buffet is called a great investor: he has an outstanding ability of super-successful investments. He buys stocks, providing strong assets in the hope that sooner or later market will evaluate these securities at their true worth.

2) George Soros - he owes his success to the gift of financial foresight. Soros became famous after 'Black Wednesday' - 16 September 1992 when his one day profit amounted to over a billion dollars. Currently his fortune is estimated at 11 billion dollars.

3) Larry Williams became a successful forex trader due to the forex trading strategy at the world exchange stocks, which he developed and which helped him to make millions of U.S. dollars. He opens a position and holds it open from 2 to 5 days. Larry Williams is a typical example of the American dream which came true - making a fortune from scratch, in a short time.

4) Steve Fossett made his fortune at the New York Stock Exchange, however he became famous for his records in aviation and sailing. According to the Chicago Stock Exchange Director Fossett very quickly became 'one of the most risky forex traders'. At the peak of his career in 1980 Steve Fossett founded one of the largest U.S. trading corporations in the USA - Lakota Trading Inc.

5) Laura Pedersen began working at Wall Street when she was 17. At the age of 20 she became the youngest participant at the American Stock Exchange. Lora Pedersen earned 1.5 million dollars before she reached the age of 24.