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New Profile Report for VRAL

21st Century Investor Relations, Inc, is an Investor Relations 2.0 firm that helps small and micro cap companies build investor audiences through the use of Internet marketing and Social Media (“Investor Relations 2.0” or “IR 2.0”). We are looking for undiscovered companies with explosive growth potential in industries of interest. We have been retained by a third party to provide services to Viral Genetics, Inc (VRAL: Pink Sheets). Please read our disclosure carefully and do due diligence before you invest (see link below):
Our concept is simple when a tree falls in a forest it only makes noise if there are people around to hear it!! The key to creating long term shareholder value in a Micro-cap Company like VRAL, is to first build a sizable potential investor following. That way if and when the Company has news, the news is not being announced in a vacuum, and will be disseminated to potentially thousands of potential investors. Assuming the Company continues to progress, value is realized as potential investors become shareholders. We build audiences online that is how 21st Century adds value to a company like VRAL.
Viral Genetics (Pink Sheets: VRAL), a biotechnology company that develops drug therapies to treat cancers, infectious diseases, and autoimmune and immunological deficiency disorders using several specific drug development technologies.
The company, headquartered in San Marino, Calif., is developing drugs for the treatment of HIV and AIDS, drug-resistant cancers, Lyme disease, hepatitis C and other medical conditions.
VRAL has achieved major drug development successes through its collaboration with Dr. M. Karen Newell, Ph.D., until recently a professor of biology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), who last week was named a professor at the Texas A&M Health Sciences Center (NYSE:HSC) College of Medicine, where she will hold an endowed chair in surgical research. Under a new memorandum of understanding, Dr. Newell will lead both Texas A&M and UCCS medical researchers in collaboration with VRAL to accelerate the R&D of a range of new drugs using three specific drug-development technologies: Targeted Peptide Technology (TPT); Metabolic Disruption Technology (NYSE:MDT) and Thymus Nuclear Protein (NYSE:TNP) technology.
The big piece of news here is that two major universities have agreed to collaborate with and assist Viral Genetics in accelerating its drug-development progress. What makes the arrangement highly unusual – if not totally unique – is that the universities are supplying resources to (e.g., laboratory facilities, testing, staff) to a firm that licensed its technology. Typically, when universities license out a technology, the licensee is fully responsible for the costs of further development.
Additional development work is being done at Harvard Medical School (through Dr. Eric C. Rosenberg, see below), and by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier (see below). 
What’s highly surprising to us is that VRAL’s drug developments to date, as well as the collaboration of this all-star talent pool to take the R&D further, are all available to investors right now for just pennies per share.
Recent History
VRAL has an extensive and expanding portfolio of medical-related intellectual property, which was consolidated in the past year by adding exclusive licenses to over 30 new patents and patent applications. During 2009, the company extended its exclusive license agreement with the University of Colorado and the University of Vermont. Its option rights to these technologies have now been replaced with direct licenses, meaning that VRAL now has the exclusive right to develop all drug therapies based on TPT, TNP and MDT technologies.
Pre-Eminent Advisory Board Attests to the Company’s Potential
In addition to Dr. Newell, Texas A&M and UCCS, VRAL’s potential is further validated by the involvement of a number of high-profile medical, scientific, business and investment professionals who have looked at the company’s research, products, patents and management, and have determined that VRAL has a significant potential for growth and profitability. Its Advisory Board includes the following individuals:
·         Dr. Luc Montagnier, co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and co-discoverer of the HIV virus;
·         Dr. C. Everett Koop, Former U.S. Surgeon General;
·         Dr. Eric Rosenberg., Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School;
·         Marshall C. Phelps Jr., Corporate Vice President for Intellectual Property Policy and Strategy, Microsoft Corp.; and
·         Richard T. Gerstner. former senior corporate executive, IBM Corp.
This is an impressive list of individuals who, in our view, would not be making investments of time, energy and financial commitments unless they saw the likelihood of a significant upside for the company and its products.
The Bottom Line: The New Collaboration Foreshadows Accelerated Product Development
The new collaboration of VRAL, Texas A&M and UCCS promises to accelerate the drug development, clinical trials and more-rapid FDA drug approval. It also holds out the potential for earlier revenue development, and eventual profitability for the firm.
Haig Keledjian, president of VRAL, said of the new agreement, “We now have the resources of two leading universities behind our research team. This joint effort will provide Dr. Newell’s very important work with the support it deserves.”
The benefits to VRAL of the resources of Texas A&M and UCCS are clear. From our viewpoint, this can be a better investment than an IPO, because there is no dilution to current shareholders. The deal is also better than a loan, for obvious reasons.
What we don’t yet know is the size of the budget that the two universities are going to be investing in this collaboration. Once this figure is revealed, we expect that Wall Street will pay attention to the company’s potential. We’ll be looking out for those details and reporting them to you.
VRAL is a speculative company with the shares trading in a range of $.05-.06 in the last week, it is not for widows and orphans or anyone that doesn’t have a strong stomach or the ability to lose their entire investment. But for those looking to build a position in this name this could be a 10-50 fold winner over the next 18-36 months, as the drug therapies under development reach specific milestones moving toward FDA approval.  
Please read our disclosure carefully and do due diligence before you invest (see link below):