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What will happen when the DJIA breaks psychological tech level of 10,000.00?

|Includes: Dell Technologies Inc. (DVMT)

The DJIA is 44.12 ticks away from the psychological technical level of 10,000.00. If this level is broken and closes below 10,000.00, the markets will see huge Ranges again, possibly selloffs like we previously saw when the Dow was reaching it's low around the 6,500 level. I believe breaking the 10,000 level will start what is to become this years major downtrend. I don't think the markets will see that 6,500 level again, mostly because Gold Sachs and other big firms will buy into the selloffs and ultimately provide support. I believe stocks are overvalued at this point. A majority of the experts are saying stocks are cheap and something like 93% of the investors are Bullish. I learned when trading that "it's best to be the on the other side of the street than be on the side with the majority". If this selloff occurs maybe then these "experts" and investment firms will realize that the Fed has been manipulating the markets and can no longer $afford$ to support another market crash.

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