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Stylized facts for current investment environment

What are the constant features and key questions of today's environment?
1) Interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future in US and the Eurozone
2) Liquidity will also likely to remain ample. The scope for fiscal expansion is exhausting itself across the developed world, making the use of loose monetary policy essential
3) Growth in developed economies - especially those with financial system problems - will lag fast growing emerging economies and exporters with 'clean' financial systems
4) Healthy growth in emerging markets will likely underpin commodities demand
5) Emerging markets are a 'hot' investment theme and there is a risk of bubbles there - investigate by checking P/Es, relative performances etc.
6) Excessive monetary tightening to combat bubbles could derail recoveries in some countries (eg China and its real estate bubble and the need for monetary tightening)
7) The Eurozone's troubles are likely to be with us for a long time and likely to alternate from good to bad
8) Beware of banking accidents eg in Eurozone, in Dubai, further weakness in US housing, other bubbles.

1) What will be the long-term effects of the fiscally loose United States? (taxes, higher bond yields, dollar debasement)
2) How high can gold go?  Is it already in a bubble?
3) Will the double dip risk reappear and spook the markets?
4) Has the banking sector worldwide cleaned up its act?  How many more writedowns should we expect?