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Weekly 'to do' list for investments

As an amateur investor/ trader, one should structure his/her time very carefully so as to be as efficient as possible.  Here is a list of some suggested weekly 'todos':
1. The technicals of each position I hold should be checked - possibly on somewhere like  Some suggested work/ indicators to use: RSI, DMI-ADX, moving averages (especially sma (50,200), ema (21) ), trendlines, support and resistance.  Using daily and weekly data.
2. An update on fundamentals should be performed: P/Es, Dividend yields, P/B - both analyst estimates and historical.  For each stock, special factors should be considered.  When commodities are concerned, supply & demand dynamics, storage and inventory data as well as etf or other futures markets indicators should be known.
3. Some extraordinary factors to look at: Commitment of Traders, Put-Call ratios, volatility and implied volatility, correlation analysis.
4. Check the latest news from a service like Yahoo! Finance or Seeking Alpha or Google Finance.