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Nutra Pharma's Cobroxin Drug is Finally Showing Reward - Conference Scheduled

Nutra Pharma's (OTC: NPHC) hard work on its Cobroxin drug is finally paying big reward dividends now that its R&D is completed, and its sales began in October of 2009.  Cobroxin is the first non-prescription drug approved by the FDA to treat stage 2 (severe) chronic pain.  It is a non-addictive cobra venom derivative that has received positive initial feedback, and its sales are increasing rapidly.  Current company headlines constantly portray more and more marketing campaigns with Winne Dixie, CVS and Hannaford Supermarkets being the more recent stores carrying the non-narcotic over-the-counter drug.  CVS is the United States’ largest pharmacy in terms of square feet retail space and number of stores at about 7000. Walgreens is currently slated to begin carrying it beginning sometime around May 1st
Cobroxin’s 4Q 2009 sales totaled $583,955 for the fourth quarter ending December 31, 2009 with limited marketing.  Sales will be increasing as more and more stores carry the product whose demand should continue to increase.

Cobroxin is available as an oral spray to treat migraine headaches, neck aches, shoulder pain, cramps, lower back pain, and neuralgia.  It is also available topically as a gel for treating joint pain due to repetitive stress and arthritis.  Consider the possibilities in terms of sales of this product if it treats with great efficacy any one of these ailments!  For example, according to the CDC website, the number of doctor-diagnosed arthritis cases in the United States exceeded 46 million patients as determined by data collected in 2003-2005.  If Cobroxin’s efficacy is sufficient to help a large portion of these people with a safe, non-narcotic, non-addictive drug, then its market will unfortunately only increase as the aging population of the United States increases.  Additionally, the FDA has been reviewing the dangers of acetaminophen pertaining to its liver toxicity, and this may very well come into play as Cobroxin is marketed and efficacy to the general population is documented.

On Tuesday, April 27th at 1:00 PM EST, Nutra Pharma will be hosting an analyst and media conference discussing Cobroxin's marketing and distribution as well as speaking about its other products.  I am excited about the possibilities of the product and this meeting.  Anything from good news to something big (an agreement to be marketed by Wal-Mart would be huge, for example) could really get the attention of shareholders and potential shareholders. 

In my opinion, this is certainly a company to have on your watch list for current and future growth as well as for the potential for partnerships that Nutra Pharma is always pursuing.  The conference can be accessed via the company's website via the following link:
As always, please do your own due diligence with this company and understand the risks associated with small biotech companies.  Technical analysis of Nutra Pharma from October 2009 to current yields a nice converging triangle with current stock price of 0.38 being just above support with the current catalyst of this Tuesday’s meeting and any other announcements possibly coming soon.

By Stephen Ramey and Philip Runfeld

Disclosure: Stephen Ramey has a position in NPHC.OB