Sell U.S. Equities Before the Music (AKA) "Free Money" Stops

Feb. 09, 2011 9:32 AM ETRRC, SD, XTO, APA, APC, XOM, CVX, KMI, WMB, MRO, BP
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  While Federal Reserve is artificially "pumping" Equity market investors should be "dumping" at artificially high prices before music stops.

Would you really put substantial capital at risk into an equity market you know is being manipulated by artificially cheap money causing food and energy prices to inflate to non-sustainable levels?

Would you knowingly invest in a Ponzi scheme knowing that it will implode but you don't know when and if you will be able to get your money out in time?

The answers of course are no, and exactly why investors should go to the sidelines until the artificial bubble is deflated and equity prices are reset to realistic levels based upon the true cost of capital, true earnings power, and true consumer demand, not a "subsidized market".

Take what you have earned as a gift.

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