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Guide You To Choose A Good Password

Password is compiled according to certain rule, which is applied to the transformation of plain and cipher text for both communications. In other words, the password is symbol sequence which conceals the real content. It means change the open and standard information code to a special code which cannot be read out by others except the communicating parties. With the development of password technology, password is used widely around our life. The makeup of password can be simple or complicate. When talked about password, the password recovery should not be omitted. For example, when you forget your Windows 7 password, you can use Windows 7 password recovery tool to get your password. Password is a science with long history. In ancient times, it was used to transfer the secret message. In the modern times, transfer information, command war even diplomatic struggle cannot leave the password. Along with the computer and the development of information technology, the password technology develops rapidly. Except for information encryption, password also is used for data signature and safety certification. Therefore, the application of the password is no longer confined to struggle for military, diplomatic services. It is also widely used in social and economic activities. The application of password has been in socialized and personalized trend in today's world. So choose a good password can be more important. But how do you choose password? Will you always choose some simple numbers or letters so that you can remember it more easily? It is known to us that simple passwords really can save us a lot of time and energy. While it also has some weakness as it can be decoded easily by others. Therefore, password strength will play an important role for you to choose a good password. Maybe you would like to know whether it is easy to change the password. For example, if you cannot remember your password of Windows 7, I'd like to advise you to use password reset disk Windows 7 which can be easy and secure. Now let's summarize some weak passwords so that you can avoid these and know how to choose a good password. Weak password includes short password, common password and the system default password. These passwords usually consists of some words such as the word in the dictionary, real name or words related to user's name. All of these words can be decoded instantly. In addition, using the birthday or pet name as a password is also weak passwords, because they may be easily guessed by acquaintances. Most importantly, you should avoid using same password in several accounts, because if the old password was decoded, others would be compromised as the same time. A strong password length usually is long enough and at random arrangement, so that they need to spend a lot of time to decipher. Use case letters, numbers and symbols combination can be considered as a strong and good password. The longer the password, the more of the use of symbols and species, the harder it is to crack. You do not need to be anxious when you set the strong password and you forget it, as reset the password would not be hard. Take Windows vista password reset for example, you can use CD/USB drive to make the Windows vista password reset.

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