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Breaking (Zee) News - Demerger

There was breaking news of a different variety in Zee news. Zee News went through a scheme of arrangement involving demerger of the General entertainment channels from Zee news and merging them into Zee entertainment.

The shareholders of Zee news as per the arrangement were eligible for 4 shares of Zee entertainment for every 19 shares held in Zee news. They would continue to hold the news business in Zee news.

We tracked the deal from the initial announcement stage and monitored the price movement at every milestone. Find below the various milestones and the cost of creating the residual Zee News



The record date for the transaction was set for 16th April. Arpit had arrived at a fair value for the Zee news share in the Rs 9- 10 bracket.  Post the ex date the market traded the stock in the Rs 18-20 price band and there was clearly returns to be made on the deal.

This however is with the benefit of hindsight. I never invested in this deal as there was clearly time risk involved with no clear timelines on when the court order could come thru. Though I think there was a opportunity just after the court approval came thru. It was a interesting transaction to monitor in terms of price movement at every milestone.


But once in a while it is ok to be a spectator and stay away from the news :-)

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