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Bettin' on Boone...

|Includes: Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE), XOM, XTO

This morning in my haste, I rolled up to the local Wawa to grab a quick, unhealthy breakfast on my way to work. As I maneuvered my 1997 Honda Civic through the always-aggravating parking lot, I had the misfortune of parking next to what I will call “the beast.”

The beast, my friends was quite possibly the biggest truck in existence… no exaggertion, I promise. This gargantuan steed was some form of Ford’s King Ranch model F150, and it’s driver, a pampered and completely ungrizzled white collar fellow whose only cargo was his briefcase, as opposed the the hay bale you would expect a real ranching king to be hauling. After this titan of the suburbs fiddled with a nav screen the size of my bedroom television, I rolled my eyes as I watched him leave his truck running in front of the no idling sign, to descend upon the store for his morning repast… Ah… It’s good to be king of the ranch.

While I must admit that it’s been a little while since I poured through the pages of T Boone Pickens’ “The First Billion is the Hardest,” run-ins like this make his messges ring true more than ever. Mr. Pickens emphasizes our need to end our country’s dependence on foreign oil for the sake of our national security first and foremost. His “Pickens Plan,” to my knowledge, is the only comprehensive energy plan which makes any sense and has been created without the typical beaureaucratic wrangling that typically waters down any effective legislation.

If not only for the sake of national security, we should take heed of Picken’s message for the future of our planet. As I write, the from pages of Yahoo News highlights the manner in which the climate summit in Copenhagen is off to a contentious start with a nice round of international finger-pointing.

So how can you bet on Boone, aside from greening your habits? Four simple letters…C-L-N-E… Clean Energy Fuels Corp. With ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM) signaling the importance of nat gas as a bridge fuel through its planned acquisition of XTO (XTO), I am even more apt to want to back up the truck with CLNE. You too should plan on getting in before this one really takes off.

I leave you with one final though on this one:

In Pickens’ book he describes a point in his life where he has lost close to everything. At the ripe old age of 68 he is losing clients’ money, going through a divorce, and diagnosed clinically depressed. Upon hearing that Pickens has managed to lose 99% of the money he invested in him, a wealthy friend is asked if he will ask for a redemption from Boone’s fund. The answer (as best I can summarize) is not a chance… He is sticking with Boone. In the end, this guy makes out like a bandit because of his faith in Pickens. Moral of the story? Stick with Boone, and stick with CLNE…

Disclosure: Long CLNE