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With The US Spending, The Euro Crumbling, And Japan Debauching, It's Hard Not To Like Gold

It's very easy to make a case for gold right now, just based on what's happening across all of the world's currencies.

You have the US on a massive spending binge, with no signs of letting up.

You have the Euro possibly crumbling, with half of its countries potentially bailing out the other half.

And you have a new Japanese finance minister who's commited to weakening the yen.

What this means for the relative values of all the major currencies is unclear. But for gold -- potentially an alternative to all fiat/paper currencies -- all this sounds pretty bullish.

Disclosure: Joe's investments include various index funds, gold as well as individual positions in Apple, American Apparel, BP, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Kyocera, Nokia, Sanofi Steelcase, Posco, Omnivision, Berkshire Hathaway (a B share!), Smith & Wesson and AIG.