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Update 2: The market is now open. The Dow is off 170 over 211. The NASDAQ is getting bludgeoned, down 48, or over 2%. Paris is off about 3%.

Update: Things are getting really ugly in the US. S&P futures are down 2.0% following some ugly jobless numbers, and the flood of pictures from Greece. Also note the big time selling in commodities, both industrial and precious.

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Original post: Today is feeling frighteningly similar to the day of the Flash Crash, May 6, which happened to be exactly two weeks ago.

For one thing, it's a Thursday. For another thing, Greeks are amassing in protest. And the markets are already selling off hard.

Right now Dow futures are off over 150, and France's CAC-40 is off over 2%.

Gold is also sharply lower.

Here's France:


Image: Yahoo Finance

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