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He's only 14 years old, and he made over $247,000 last year!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), BB, GOOG
How Iphone Apps can make you a lot of money!
When considering your Retirefund, you probably don't consider that the experience of an eighth grader could possibly help you. Of course not!  What could the experience of an eigth grade student possibly have to do with earning money in or for your retirement? After all, how much money did you make when you were in eigth grade? I know I mowed lawns for 2 bucks in the 60's, and sometimes my father would hire me in his electrical shop, after school for a similar wage.

Well friends, I am here to tell you that, eighth-grader Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah (featured on the left) has a good deal to teach you about making money in retirement, or for your retirement, and making a lot of money.

You see Robert, made over $247,000 last year!  Let me repeat that!!  Robert made over $247,000 last year, while he was in the eigth grade, and the Apple iphone was the great springboard for this windfall.  Let me explain.

Iphone applications (Apps) are being developed by a number of young entrepreneurs (most older than Robert of course) for use in numerous areas of games, business, sports, food, restaurants, coupons etc etc (you name it, it's in an app) Up until recently, most of the App designers have been knowledgeable software geeks, but not anymore.

Now there is a service that allows average folks to develop iphone apps (and Ipad apps) for Apple, with absolutely no prior software skills.  You heard that right. None!!

No I'm not saying you will jump into this business and make what Robert made overnight, but it is certainly an avenue that you can explore, from the comfort of your own home, whether you are retired, semi-retired, thinking of retirement or simply discovering your limits.

Iphone Dev Secrets (the company) has developed just such a program where you can jump into this game, and they just went public with it on Feb 2nd. Robert, at 14, developed a game called Bubble Ball that has been downloaded thousands of times by iphone users, paying Robert money for each and every download.

You are only limited in this endeavor, by the strength of your imagination. Einstein once said that, knowledge is finate, but imagination encircles the globe.

You can check out the IDS offer (and system) at: How to build Iphone Apps!

Wishing you a happy and healthy Retirefund.