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Green Gov, Like Axion International (AXIH), Leads Sustainability Movement by Example

|Includes: Axion International Holdings, Inc. (AXIHQ)

The “Green Gov” movement, as described in a blog post from a website called Target Population, is an interesting concept, as it shows the government’s commitment to sustainable construction. The principles fit nicely with Axion International Holding’s (AXIH) history in using products that are made of 100% recycled products. Axion is strategically positioned to benefit if Green Gov becomes a standard for the private industry, as their priorities are parallel.

Target Population’s blog post cites, “Federal agencies are already taking actions toward sustainability and by doing so they are helping to spur innovation and jobs in the private sector, reducing costs, and reducing pollution and the use of precious resources.” Axion has the foresight to already follow these tactics independently.

Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, blogged discussing her meeting with the Office of Management and Budget and other leaders from federal agencies regarding sustainability in the federal government. She reported this meeting was a follow up to Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech on January 27, 2010 in which he “set a government-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 28 percent by 2020….”

Under the executive order each federal agency is required to create its own sustainability plan. The 28% reduction plan resulted from reviewing the plans from 35 different federal agency targets. For example the Department of Defense plans to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 34% by 2020 for all non-combat activities,” and the Department of the Treasury “intends to reduce its emissions by 33%,” by 2020.

Government leaders also seek to engage the approximately 1.5 million federal employees in the plan toward sustainability. They sponsored the Green Gov contest last October, an online program that challenged employees to take part in the President’s Executive Order on Federal Sustainability by submitting their own clean energy ideas and voting on others. Over 1,380 ideas were submitted to eliminate waste and save energy, and many will be put into practice in the very near foreseeable future. The emissions reduction plan was a requirement in the executive order on Federal Sustainability, which committed the federal government to lead by example.

Axion technology pioneers the use of recycled materials in a variety of industrial applications. We believe that these solutions are both economically competitive and eco-friendly in addition to being structurally superior in many important ways. We believe that a strong government mandate can only help accelerate our growth and bring more attention to our world class technologies.

Disclosure: I am the President of Axion International Holdings.