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Our Great 2016 Results Continued In 2017, Seize The Free Trial & The 2018 Opportunity


If consistency of returns matters to you, you are in the right place because our great 2016 results continued in 2017.

Our best calls in 2017 yielded from 110% to 700%+ in less than six months and they were not bitcoin or marijuana stocks.

We do believe that most of the highest-paid hedge fund managers have never made such returns in less than six months.

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We pick stocks from the Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer goods and Energy sectors.

Dear Seeking Alpha Followers,

We wish you Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! 

We hope that 2017 was a good year for you and we wish you an even better 2018.

From an investment standpoint, 2017 was the year of FANG, crypto and marijuana stocks which grabbed headlines and saw heart-stopping gains.

Although we didn't invest in these stocks, the excellent returns continued for 8th quarter in a row in the Value Investor's Stock Club (VISC)

And we sold locking in profits from two more picks in Q4 2017. As a result:

- We made a 24% average return per pick in 2017.

- We made a 48% average return per pick in 2016.

- We made a 36% average return per pick for the 2-year period.

We have sold and locked in profits from almost 35 picks since January 2016.

You can find all the details about these returns in our Quarterly Performance Reviews.

Profitable Trades To-Date

As mentioned above, we have made almost 35 profitable trades since January 2016 when we launched our Premium research on Seeking Alpha's Marketplace. Our profitable trades include companies such as Lithium Americas (OTCQX:LACDF), Innovative Food Holdings (OTCQB:IVFH), Sprague Resources (SRLP), Christopher & Banks Corporation (CBK), Blueknight Energy Partners Preferred (BKEPP), Genie Energy Preferred (GNE-A), Callon Petroleum Preferred (CPE-A), Pembina Pipeline Preferred Series 7 (PPL.PR.G), Pembina Pipeline Preferred Series 3 (PPL.PR.C), Valener Preferred (VNR.PR.A), Yoho Petroleum (YO.V), Point Loma Resources (PLX.V), ArPetrol (RPT.V), PetroFrontier (PFC.V), Corridor Resources (CDH.T), High Arctic Energy Services (HWO.T), Reserve Petroleum (OTCPK:RSRV), United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG), Earthstone Energy (ESTE), Gulf Island Fabrication (GIFI) and World Point Terminals (WPT), to name some.

Our Best Calls in 2017 

First, it was our bearish call on Westmoreland Coal (WLB) at $11.30 last May. 

As usual, we went against the grain while many cheerleaders (including analysts and fund managers) were bullish on WLB with price targets at $20 and $22 such as Seaport Global Securities, FBR Capital Markets and BMO Capital Markets.

And with WLB flying at $11.30, we dared say that: "WLB will most likely file for bankruptcy by 2018", "WLB's bankruptcy is not out of the question" and "WLB's equity is not ownable".

It's easy to be wise after the event. It's easy to say we were right in hindsight. Hindsight trading is always easy compared to real-time trading. In hindsight, this bankruptcy call makes sense to many investors. But, this was not the case in May 2017 when both the deep pockets and the retail investors were bullish on WLB while some of them were mocking us, as shown in the comment stream of our article of May 2017.

On that front, we encouraged the readers to short WLB by buying puts. The readers who bought puts had the opportunity to make more than 700% in less than six months given that WLB dropped under $1 in December 2017. WLB just crashed in less than six months. 

Second, it was our bullish call on Innovative Food (OTCQB:IVFH) at $0.67 last August while our subscribers bought IVFH at $0.58 last June. 

The readers who bought IVFH had the opportunity to make more than 110% in less than six months given that IVFH hit $1.38 in December 2017.

We do believe that most of the highest-paid hedge fund managers have never made such returns in less than six months.

On top of this, WLB and IVFH prove once again that market inefficiency continues to reign in the stock exchanges. 

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