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LDK. - Will it be The Intel of the Solar Sector . ?

 LDK. has doubled , or more , their EPS. in each of the last 3 Q.'s.
Q1. = $0.06
Q2. = $0.36
Q3. = $0.72

Q4. = I'm expecting at least $1.00 .

S&P. Has it rated as a BUY with a $19.00 a share target price and a FY. 2011 EPS. est. for $2.72 a share. ! 

I'm expecting at least $4.12 FY. 2011 EPS.

A Dividend is likely , IMO. , Possibly a 3 for 2 shares Special Dividend. 

LDK.'s share price is so low now at $10.00 because the naked shorting FTD. shares Criminals have been all over it beating it lower on an almost daily basis on the corrupted NYSE. 
Their manipulating actions are highly Illegal in violations of USA. RICO. Law as well as Securities Laws , but they have corrupted the NYSE. , SEC. , DOJ. , AG.'s , ... and no one will charge them , prosecute them , or do anything to stop them.! ..... IMO.

LDK.'s share price Should be trading at about $25.50 a sh. today based on its earnings , as well as on its 40% to 70% CAGR. 

LDK. will become The Intel of the Solar Power Sector.