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LDK = Fastest Growth and Lowest Costs Solar Co.

|Includes: LDK Solar Co., Ltd. (LDK)
LDK. in the past 4 Quarters has : 

Tripled Q.'ly Revenues from $300MM. to $921MM. 

Increased Q.'ly EPS. by more than 3,600 % .... from $0.03 to most recent Q. of $1.09 . 

IMO. > LDK. is trading at a forward PE. of 1.7 to 1.8 .

Its current Total Market Cap. is Equal to about 5 months of Revenues. !! .. talk about VALUE. !! .... Where is Warren Buffett / Berkshire.? .... Someone call them up.! 

I am looking for 2011 LDK. EPS. of about $6.55+ on Revenues of $5B. + USD.'s .

In addition to the 22,000,000 shares of current legitimate short positions , there also is about 300MM. shares positions of fake , counterfeit criminal naked short sold FTD. shares done by WS. NYSE. Criminal Investment Banksters hedge funds working with their Buds the BIG OIL and NUCLEAR interests lobbyists aided by the Corrupted SEC. , NYSE. , FINRA. , Government Regulators. !! 

These criminals had tried to Bankrupt LDK..... and Have Failed.

Please pass the Word on this... Maybe the FBI. can arrest and stop these criminals racketeering in collusion under the RICO. law.?!! 


Disclosure: I am long LDK.