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China’s Stock Market & Doing Business in China

On March 29th, a delegation from University of Maryland University College (UMUC) paid a visit to Shanghai University MBA center and attended two wonderful topic lectures — “China’s Stock Market” delivered by Dr. Xiang Li from Department of Finance, Shanghai University and “Doing Business in China” delivered by Dr. Honglin Xu who is working as a senior manger of international business division of Shen Yin Wan Guo (SYWG) Securities.

In the morning, Dr. Xiang Li introduced us the history, present and future of China’s stock market and shared its information with us. Describing the development of China’s stock market clearly in three aspects, Dr. Xiang Li emphasized on the difference between China and other countries. Basing on letting us have a good knowledge of China’s stock market, Dr. Xiang Li explained the structure of it gradually, which mainly contained the detailed analyses of investors such as domestic individual investors, foreign investors, pension funds, insurance companies and so on. He also recounted types of stocks, capital structure, regulations and other aspects. At the end of the speech, he described what challenges would lie in the future and made prospects on it. He explained vividly each question asked by the delegation.

In the afternoon, the wonderful lecture delivered by Dr. Hongli Xu also left a deep impression on us. Before the formal speech, he outlined the geography, history, culture and other basic background of China. He had a heated interaction with the delegation. When it came to how to do business in China, he introduced the features of current China market at the beginning. Then he illustrated in detail investment opportunities in China, Chinese Peoples’ thinking way, how to enter into China market and strategy to invest in China and other ways.

During the academic exchange, there are heated interactions between Maryland University delegation and two speakers. According to the topic,the delegation asked some questions. They benefit it from the speakers as well. Meanwhile, the delegation showed gratitude to the speakers and was satisfied with the wongderful speech. At the end of the speeches, the speakers and delegation took pictures for memory.