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Proof that the Market's Rise is all a Mirage

Market's have sustained their worst string of days since the rally began I believe.  Funny how it coincides with a possible change of heart over Bernanke's renomination as well as the "Volker Rule".

he sense is that the money spigot might be turned off. If Bernanke doesn't get
renominated, look for some fireworks coming from the markets.

I think the Volker rule is actually a bad idea, not because it is morally wrong (those
bastards have been taking the middle class for a ride and they deserve it),
but rather because our whole "economic recovery" thus far has been kept intact due
to the banks at least not dropping dead. One of the reasons why they haven't
dropped dead is because they have been taking advantage of all the "gifts" courtesy
of the taxpayer as well as extremely low rates.

A very large portion of banks profits have been due to a resurgence in investment
banking activity as well as rising stock markets. If this prop is removed from the
banking sector, they will further be reluctant to lend. Worse, if we have a double dip,
they won't have those earnings to bank on.

Obviously there aren't enough details as to how this is going to take place, but this is
an example of trying to make a wrong into a right in the middle of the process. In
the end we might have to go back to square one once again.