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Sirius Ignores 25,000,000 Unsubscribed Satellite Radio Owners

|Includes: Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (SIRI)

Mel Karmazin and his marketing vp should not be wringing their hands worrying whether 2010 auto sales will be 10 or 11 million units. Instead, look to the 25,000,000 unsubsubscribed, satellite-radio-equipped cars owned by second and third owners who have no idea that they even have satellite radio. Unlike new car buyers, no one has ever told them about satellite radio much less given them a free trial.

Now, follow the numbers. Using the 46% long term successful conversion rate, these 25,000,000 owners suggest an INCREDIBLE source of 11,500,000 new subscribers in 2010 and, mind you, with an SAC of virtually zero. An absolute gold mine that would turn SiriusXM’s world around this spring.!

How to approach these 25,000,000:
1. Purchase a Super Bowl ad for three million
2. On Super Bowl Sunday, flip the switch and turn on the 25,000,000 unsubscribed radios nationally. This can be done at the cost of not one penny.
3. Tell the Super Bowl world that if they have a funny hook on their car hoods (or a “Roady” that they received as a gift in a drawer), they have satellite radio. They should go to their cars, turn on their satellite radios and begin listening to the magnificent quality and programming that is available to them for a totally free trial period

Budweiser invests in the Super Bowl to sell six packs. Sirius’job is easier: It’s not selling anything; it’s giving something for free. As a further plus, it will also be promoting Sirius to the 10 million viewers who will be buying a new car this year.

As a marketing guy, this cannot miss. What kind of pinheads are doing Sirius marketing?

Disclosure: long Siri