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Investing Apps - be a part of it!


After months of hard work by both the Seeking Alpha team & our application partners (thanks everyone!) the Investing Apps Platform is live.

We are very excited to be able to offer an amazing new investing experience to our users - Investing Apps!

We are just getting started
The 25+ Investing Apps already developed by our Launch Partners are just the beginning. We have many more on the way in various stages of development & integration and are really focused on finding more ways to make the platform great for both developers AND users.

For developers we are sharing 70% of the revenue and providing easy integration into with our API and tutorials (check out our Developers area). I
f you have an Investing Application please sign up as a developer or get in touch with our Director of App Partnerships, David Datny
We hope it will be an easy decision to add your application to our growing Investing Apps store. If there are ways we can make it even easier let us know

For our users we are working hard to make it simple to:
- Find great apps in the Investing App Store
- Use great apps - they are all pre-integrated into your Seeking Alpha experience including on your portfolio & 1,000s of company pages.
- We handle all authentication, billing and customer service - you just add the apps you want. No need for new URLs, usernames & passwords.
- Apps for all of your investing needs. The applications in the Investing App Store already span a wide range of investing activities such as portfolio management and tracking, investment research, idea generation and asset allocation.
- Stay synchronized - applications like LikeAssets can help you automatically track your portfolio across your brokerage accounts in 1 location. The platform then synchronizes this information with any apps with whom you have agreed to share the information. 

Help us make it even better
We have just launched and welcome ideas, criticisms, suggestions and even compliments :-) We hope you can find Investing Apps which match your needs and definitely want to hear what does and doesn't work for you so we can improve things ASAP! 

Enjoy and tell me what you think.