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Technology Stock Advisor Initiates Coverage On Four Technology Companies

|Includes: Microchip Technology Incorporated (MCHP), SIF, TRCI, WDFC


Microchip Technology Inc.                  MCHP

SIFCO Industries Inc.                           SIF

Technology Research Corp.               TRCI

WD-40 Company                                 WDFC


Raleigh, NC. The Technology Stock Advisor, a weekly internet stock newsletter covering high technology stocks, initiated coverage today on four companies. TSA currently covers about 150 technology stocks.


The investment selection methodology for The Technology Stock Advisor is based upon a patent issued to Thomas Vass in 2007.


The TSA patented stock selection methodology begins with a search for companies in a defined set of nine technology value chains. Once a set of candidate companies are identified, the method applies a version of Graham and Dodd financial screening criteria to come up with stocks that are candidates for further review. Stocks that meet all of the screening criteria are added to the universe of TSA companies for continual monitoring for opportunities to add them to client investment management accounts.


“We suspect that part of the stock price movement for technology stocks is a reflection of where the company happens to be in the 3-year technology innovation cycle,” said Vass. “The stock price today,” he added, “is a reflection of the future financial performance of the company based upon its technological potential. We use this idea to help us set the initial target prices to buy and sell the stock.”


Microchip Technology Incorporated, together with its subsidiaries, develops and manufactures semiconductor products for various embedded control applications. Mmicrochip Technology is a TSA B rated company, which means that it is considered to be less risky than C rated stocks. The initial buy target price is $24.


SIFCO Industries, Inc. engages in the production and sale of various metalworking processes, services, and products. The company operates through three segments: Aerospace Component Manufacturing Group, Turbine Component Services and Repair Group, and Applied Surface Concepts Group. It is a TSA C rated company which means it should experience price volatility along the path to its sell target price.


Technology Research Corporation engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of electrical safety products that save lives, protect people against serious injury from electrical shock, and/or prevent electrical fires in the home and workplace. It is a TSA C rated company.


WD-40 Company produces and sells lubricants, hand cleaners, and household cleaners worldwide. It primarily offers WD-40, a multi-purpose product, which acts as a lubricant, rust preventative, penetrant, cleaner, and moisture displacer. It is a TSA B rated company, with an intial target to buy under $27 per share.


About The Technology Stock Advisor: TSA is an online newsletter about investing in technology stocks managed by Thomas Vass, a professional money manager. The investment selection methodology for The Technology Stock Advisor is based upon a patent issued to Vass in 2007. His method includes stock selection, asset allocation based upon the investor’s risk preferences, and detailed buy and sell prices. Contact or call 919 9754856.


Investment Disclosure: The past performance of an investment is no guarantee of future performance. All investments bear risk of loss of principal invested. There are no guarantees related to investing. Please visit the TSA website and read our ADV Part II disclosure document for information about our investment management fees.




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