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|Includes: NETGEAR, Inc. (NTGR)

Finjitsu Research - Associated Analysts

CHICAGO, IL - Jan. 9, 2013

Current Perspective on NetGear, Inc. 'NTGR'

NetGear was at CES this year showcasing their different product lines for the consumer market, including their recently acquired VueZone line. NTGR has widened its product offering to encompass as much of the connected home as possible. We believe an important advantage NTGR has over its competitors is the distribution base of retailers the company sells into.

Previous Perspective on NetGear, Inc. 'NTGR'

NTGR used their Analyst Day as a pathway to explain where growth would come from over the next couple of years, and how the Company is setting itself up for it. NTGR came off a third quarter that was disappointing compared to historical norm, but the presentation was used as a way to show the growth possibilities within the product lines. The economic environment in Europe is not changing and NTGR will have to adjust its business to offset the drag.

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