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Why Antares' Share Price Is Not Moving Up.....Yet

|Includes: Antares Pharma Inc. (ATRS)

(this is just my humble opinion as we all have one)

Over the last few days I have had email after email asking "Why are we not moving up" and here is what I've responded with."If I knew the answer, I would own a home in the Caribbeans instead of renting one". LOL! But, I will give you my best guess and that is, just as I have said in the past. We are in show me mode. "Show me you can turn a profit and I'll gladly buy your stock". Many investors who have been in healthcare stocks over the years have been burnt many times over and now they have learned to wait for the BUY signals. As much as I hate to type this, we have not showed a BUY signal.....yet. (bouncing along the 200mda does not count) Also, the word on the street is we are not going to be profitable for another quarter or two, so why invest here when they can go other places searching to make a buck. In a way, I do not blame this action, and I think they will learn that they have it wrong. It also does not help one bit when you have an outfit such as Zack's, constantly calling for a SELL of ATRS. Today's investors are smarter and more prudent with their money. They want to see action and we have NOT delivered as of yet.

Now is Shadow selling? Nope! I still hold all of my 72K shares and as I have repeatedly said, I will NOT sell until Otrexup has been on the market for one full year. So unfortunately you guys are stuck with me until late 2014 or early 2015. I will then re-access my investment at that time. If by then QST shows strong potential than I'll be here even longer. But back to the topic. Try not to get discouraged by this day-to-day movement and try to focus on a longer time outlook.(Stop rolling your eyes Rearviewforecaster) I still believe with all my passion and dedication, we still prosper very well in 2013. Here are my price predictions and I feel very confident I will nail them all.

End of Q1 2013 $4.60
End of Q2 2013 $5.80
End of Q3 2013 $7.15
End of Q4 2013 $9.20 *if Otrexup is launched at anytime during Q4,add .80-1.20

This will not be in a straight gradual climb, but rather some up and down action along the way. I think sometime in Q2 or Q3 of 2014 we hockey stick up to $15-16 due to STRONG sales in Otrexup,Teva's working deals and sales, Watson's sales, more clarity on the OTC Pfizer drug, and maybe a new launch of a new product. All of this stated falls in line with what management has laid out and I hate to sound as a broken record,but Jack's words are holding more true by the day and that is(all together now)..."2014 will be our breakout year". Just trying to calm the waters and give my 2 bits.


Disclosure: I am long ATRS.