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Now Invest Safely In Gold And Silver Through LoyalGold, A Loyal Bank Product

Loyal Bank has been developing at a rapid pace since its inception in 1997, and it's a premier Caribbean bank today. It has diversified its portfolio of products and services in the meantime and has become a trusted name when it comes to global Forex trading. LOYEX Forex trading services are run by Loyal Bank, and these services are accompanied by excellent customer services of the bank. The bank also offers its asset protection, safe online Forex trading through its secure portal and a safe bank account. You can avail other products of the bank as well, such as a debit card which is accepted worldwide and can be used to access your account with us. Therefore, LOYEX is your trusted Forex Currency Trading Broker, which enjoys global reputation.

LOYEX forex trading also offers the services to buy or trade in physical gold and silver. Since the Mexican and Greek crisis, where inflation reached peak levels and values of their currencies virtually became a fraction of their original values, people have realized the importance of including gold and silver in their investment portfolios. Loyal Forex trading services has launched "LoyalGold" for this purpose, through which you can buy these precious metals. This service is also completely backed up by the Loyal Bank.

Physical gold and silver is available through this service in the form of bars, which start from 100 gm and can go up to 1000gm (1kg). You can also buy coins with Kruegerrands and Canadian Maple Leafs stamped on these. You can store your wealth (metal bars) in the safest lockers in Switzerland which would be properly licensed and insured. In case, you want to keep the coins or bars with you, we would arrange to safely ship it to you. It can also be collected from our office, in case the quantity is more.

You can also trade in these metals through our Forex Trade services. We have a wide variety of investment options in gold and silver offered through LoyalGold services, which you can go through on our website myloyex dot com. You can simply fill our "contact us" form given on our website and our customer services would get in touch with you. While dealing in the trade of precious metal, you should make sure that your Forex trading brokers are reliable and certified. You can also open a Forex Trading Demo Account to learn the tricks of the trade before you actually go live on the trading platform. We offer you the Best Forex System Trading and most user-friendly platform for trading in currency or precious metal such as gold and silver.

Contact Loyex:

You can visit us by appointment from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, at our address, Loyal Bank Head Office at
Cedar Hill Crest
P.O. Box 1825
VC0100 Kingstown
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
West Indies
Tel.: + (1 784) 485 6705
Fax: + (1 784) 451 2757