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2/24/10 Midafternoon Report: Bernanke channels his inner Greenspan and promises to keep rates low until the next bubble

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Dizzam, Benny B went in front of the House Financial Services Commitee today and let everyone know that rates will be kept low for a more "extended period" than a menometrorrhagia sufferer.  Despite last week's back and forth between Bernanke and his henchman Thomas "T-Ho" Hoenig about the language used by the Fed in their minutes (and Money McBags would vote for Esperanto just to switch things up), Benny B held to his guns and let congress know he isn't going to raise rates until he sees the whites of the recovery's eyes (or the P in their GDP).  Bernanke also said he believes the recent uptick in business growth was just an inventory restocking which is exactly what Money McBags has been yelling through the gold-plated window of his ivory tower for the past several months.


Bernanke stated: “As the impetus provided by the inventory cycle is temporary, and as the fiscal support for economic growth likely will diminish later this year, a sustained recovery will depend on continued growth in private-sector final demand for goods and services." (Bolding is from Money McBags, multisyllabic, excessive, and painfully boring verbiage is from Bernanke as apparently he gets paid by the snore).


Bernanke cited the diminishing skills of workers who have been forced into long term unemployment, the current deficit, and Hannah Hilton's apparent cinematic retirement as concerns potentially inhibiting a full recovery.  He did say he expected the unemployment rate to drop to 7% by 2012, but he didn't say that it was likely going to be as a result of a massive denominator shift caused by those currently longterm unemployed workers starving to death in the new Dust Bowl, or aptly named for our times, The Capital One Mortgage Bowl:  What Used to Be in Your Wallet?  Bernanke also said that inflation would be "subdued" for some time as the US printed so much money that investors are still trying to count it to figure out exactly how much there is, so until that time, the market will remain blissfully ignorant.  Call it the "Too Big To Count" theory. 


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