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4/26/10 Midafternoon Report: Financial reform bill coming after Senators talk dirty to it

|Includes: C, CAT, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), TMRK, WHR

The markets were relatively flat today despite the financial sector reaching down for its cankles as the Senate prepares to probe the sectors' cavernous derivatives loophole.  Financial reform is coming, the only question is if it will be weak or really weak but until then financials should be a bit volatile with a downward bias.  While it is likely any Senate bill will be more toothless than Amy Winehouse after downing a box of pixie sticks, smoking a case Stallion cigarettes, and getting punched in the fucking mouth, the markets hate uncertainty like Ron Paul hates the Fed, Hemingway hates adjectives, and females hate giving blumpkins.  That said, the US Treasury is apparently going to start dumping their shares of C before C once again becomes too big and fails.  At current prices the government stands to make $11B which should be enough to finally get new drapes in the Lincoln Bedroom, something other than Natty Light in the White House fridge, and enough tech support to clean all of the SEC computers of porn.  C is trading down 4% on the news but is still above book value and still above zero so it's too early for Money McBags to buy.


Internationally, Greek bonds are still plunging lower than necklines at the AVN awards or on German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Lolas.   Merkel is out shouting "nein" to the Greek bailout until Greece shows a "sustainable and credible" plan for fiscal responsibility as opposed to their current plan which involves stealing underwear and then somehow profiting.  Germany keeps hedging on their support for Greece and nothing German has been this indecisive since Aschenbach eyed little Tadzio for days on a beach in Venice.  But it's no longer just Greece that has the EU's panties all in a bunch as CDS in Portugal have hit record highs.  Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado said "We are not in such a critical situation as Greece. We didn't cheat with our statistics" he then went on to say "that's right, we fucked up the old fashioned way, we earned it."  It looks like JFK's old Domino Theory in foreign policy may finally be coming to fruition but instead of the spread of communism, bankruptcy is spreading from one country to the next.  


In stock news Catepillar put up a nice quarter which would likely have sent noted lepidopterist Vladmir Nabokov into a tizzy.  Revenue fell..READ MORE...

Disclosure: Long GOOG