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7/20/10 Midevening Report: Republicans fail to stop unemployment benefits from being extended, next up, trying to outlaw wheelchairs for quadriplegics

|Includes: AAPL, CRUS, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), IBM, PEP, TXN

The market was moderately down today like a dysthymic after downing a plate of sugar coated prozac and a 2 liter of Jolt Cola before it ran up in the late afternoon due to the Senate extending unemployment benefits.  Earnings were the biggest disappointment early on with IBM, TXN, and GS all putting up subpar topline numbers (see Money McBags' prescient headline from yesterday) as if they were a Jerry Bruckheimer film or Greece.  That said, macro news also disappointed which is about as surprising as learning that BP may have more problems or Hilary Swank is really a man.

The main US macro news out today was that home construction declined because, well, because people don't even have enough money to build confidence, much less houses.  Construction of new homes fell 5% in June led by a 20% drop in the construction of condominiums and apartments but helped out by the increase in the construction of shanty towns and modern day Hoovervilles (and hopefully soon, Hootervilles, which will be made out of plenty of wood and pure awesomeness).  On the positive side, there was a 2.1% increase in the demand for new building permits though the Commerce Department listed it as "wishful thinking," and on the slightly more positive side Russian spy Anna Chapman may pose for Playboy.

The big news of the day was that the senate is set to extend jobless aid after some guy named Carte Goodwin was appointed to Robert Byrd's old Senate seat, making it in fact a "good win" for struggling people everywhere (and yes, that was an awful pun, nowhere near as good as someone named Mr. Goodjoint looking like this).  Yeah, Money McBags knows spending more money is not the best longterm strategy and that if the government keeps perpetuating this global ponzi scheme, we are all going to be more fucked than Lisa Ann on the set of Who's Nailin' Paylin, but having 4MM people surviving on month old pop tarts and feces is certainly not the answer.  There are easily other areas where one could cut spending to make up for supporting people who need extended unemployment benefits (like maybe buying 2 or 3 fewer stealth bombers, using credit cards instead of cash in Iraq, and taking memberships to Tranny porn sites out of the SEC's benefits package).

That said, never before has there been a need to cut costs to allow for extended unemployment and never before has the government tried to do that in the middle of a recession, but apparently Republicans hate winning elections.  Look, all of this money gets put right back in to the economy and is a mini stimulus which might buy the US another month or six to give it a chance to hit a patch of dumb luck and thus avoid being knocked in to bolivion.   Either way, Republicans blocking this package is among the stupidest political strategy blunders in American history, right up there with Nixon sweating through the Nixon-Kennedy debate, anyone allowing Sarah Palin to be interviewed, and Warren Harding banging a hooker with a teapot (or something like that).  Obviously the deficit needs to be better managed lest we fall further in to Keynes' folly, but cutting extended unemployment benefits is not the way to go unless one wants to speed up the oncoming anarchy and see what happens when crime starts moving to the suburbs.

In stock news, earnings disappointments led the day with Goldman missing estimates of ~$2.98 EPS by earning only ~$2.75 per share ex one-timers and if this keeps up...READ MORE...

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