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PLUG, FCEL, HYSR, CHTP, IGXT: Fuel Cell Technology & More

|Includes: CHTP, FCEL, HYSR, IGXT, Plug Power, Inc. (PLUG)

A quick recap of some of the stocks we pointed out a while back and some additional thoughts:

PLUG Power (PLUG): Everyone is talking about this company now so we don't have a lot more to add. We originally said this was a stock that could jump considerably at any time (that turns out to have been an understatement) and that we were planning to trade around a core position throughout the year. We think that remains a great option. If you bought PLUG when we first mentioned it you are looking at gains in the 65% range at today's prices. There is still room for growth here so staying patient is not a bad move. We note an upcoming investor call scheduled for 3/13/2014 which should be very informative. We also understand that news of an additional deal is expected near term. We have also been following Fuel Cell (FCEL) and think that it too has great potential and may even have a little further to run in the very near term than PLUG.

On a related note there is a tiny company out in Santa Barbara, Hypersolar Inc. (HYSR), that we think bears keeping a close eye on and that seems to have caught some investors' attention over the past many days. As the market turns to the rapid adoption of Hydrogen powered fuel for fuel cell technology this little company, in a partnership with University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), is working on what just might be the holy grail in this space: a technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water in a process akin to photosynthesis. Hypersolar seems to have had more than one breakthrough in its efforts thus far and at a market cap of just $10M there is little doubt that considerable interest exists on the part of numerous companies operating or investing in this space in what Hypersolar is working on. We have opened up a first position in HYSR but note that it is a penny stock in the truest sense of the word, currently trading at about .04. Normally these type of companies scare us but we like their cornerstone relationship with UCSB and the technology is clearly quite promising. We applaud the fact that they had enough foresight to have been working on this for years - the timing could not be better. Definitely a stock to watch this year as the hydrogen fuel cell power space expands.

Chelsea Therapeutics (CHTP) - Like most investors here, we are anxiously awaiting news of either a partnership or perhaps even a buyout. The stock is currently trading at levels we saw just prior to approval so frankly we don't see a lot of downside here. Instead, we think an upside move is quite probable.

IntelGenx (IGXT) - This stock has been very strong in the aftermath of what was a reasonably positive CRL from the FDA on their Migraine film. News came Monday that they had submitted a response to that CRL so we now await the FDA and the determination of the classification of that response (two or six months). Recently we also learned of the positive bioeqivalence results of IGXT's pilot study on their Erectile Dysfunction film. As we have said before we think this will be an outstanding year for IntelGenx with the potential for exponential growth.

As always do your own due diligence and/or consult with a trusted financial adviser before investing in these or any other securities.

Disclosure: I am long PLUG, FCEL, HYSR, CHTP, IGXT.