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The Top 10 Reasons To Consider Joining The Panick Value Reseach Report

|Includes: Fifth Street Asset Management Inc.A (FSAM), JCAP, MDLY

Thanks for following my Seeking Alpha articles. I hope you are finding my work to be of value. Since I'm known for writing "Top 10 Reasons..." stock articles, I thought it would be a appropriate to use the same format to tell you a little about my premium service.

The Panick Value Research Report started out as an email newsletter and alert service in September 2012 and was originally focused on successfully finding depressed bank preferred stocks and deferred trust preferred issues in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The Panick Report joined the Seeking Alpha Marketplace in September 2015 and is now the #2 service for dividend and income investors. The scope has grown to include many high yield preferred stocks, baby bonds, some discounted traditional bonds, REIT's, BDC issues and some high yield equities. Wherever there is deep value available in the high yield sector, I will cover it. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider subscribing:

1. Excellent performance.

Since September 2012 the Panick Value 10 picks (my aggressive high yield picks) have generated an average annual return of 23.1%. That's based on 92 picks with an average holding period of 155 days. I launched the Moderate Risk 10 picks on 12/27/2015 for investors with a more moderate risk tolerance. As of 11/27/2016 they have generated an average annual return (including dividends) of 33.3%. That's based on 20 picks with an average holding period of 138 days. More detailed statistics and a complete trade history are available in the "Performance Statistics" sheet of the Panick Report Excel model. Note that we've been in a bull market period and past performance may not be indicative of future results.

2. Read market moving articles before the crowd.

The research presented in many of my public articles has moved stocks. Subscribers receive advance notice and then an advance draft of upcoming articles. The opportunity to trade ahead of the crowd is well worth the modest subscription price.

3. Excellent subscriber reviews.

Seeking Alpha allows subscribers to leave a review. Note that authors do not have access to modify or delete reviews. All Panick Report reviews are available here:

4. Friendly and active chat board.

The chat board is a must for anyone trading the high yield sector. I post here very actively along with many sophisticated traders and investors. There is a good mix including questions from newer investors.

5. Daily alerts.

In addition to my picks, many preferred stocks and baby bonds are covered as watch list issues. Daily alerts (including many trading alerts) go out as earnings reports and other news breaks.

6. Rapid responses to your individual questions.

The Panick Report is known (please check out the subscriber reviews) for rapid responses to individual questions.

7. Excel model.

The Panick Report Excel model provides subscribers with many useful supporting calculations such as the yield to call for preferred stocks and the yield to maturity for baby bonds.

8. Coverage of smaller issues with little Wall St. coverage.

The chances of finding a great high yield bargain from a billion dollar market cap stock with 10 Wall St. analysts covering it are low. Mr. Market usually trades those issues efficiently. The Panick Report often finds bargains by covering smaller issues with little or no traditional Wall St. coverage.

9. A few recent examples: MDLY, FSAM, JCAP.

MDLY was announced to subscribers as a high yield Equity Pick at $7.25 on 8/23/2016 and had moved higher to $8.16 when my public article came out on 9/8/2016. Subscribers got a better entry point by buying ahead of the article. At a recent price of $10.80, MDLY has now gained 35%.

FSAM was announced as an Equity pick to subscribers at $4.25 on 8/16/2016 immediately after they reported strong Q2 earnings. FSAM had traded higher to $5 by the time my public article came out 10 days later. Subscribers got a great entry point. Subscribers have now gained 51% (including dividend) as FSAM has rallied to $6.30. The company just announced a surprise 25% dividend increase. My article had predicted dividend increases over the net year, although even I was surprised at how quickly it happened.

JCAP was just announced as an Equity Pick to subscribers at $18.57 on 11/22/2016. This remarkable REIT growth stock closed Friday at $19.96 as it broke out to a new 52 week high. Where will JCAP be trading when my public article comes out in a few days? Subscribers just received the outline for the upcoming JCAP article.

10. The 2 week free trial & cancellation policy.

Seeking Alpha is now offering a 2 week free trial. I invite you to check out the service with no obligation. Seeking Alpha also has a no hassle cancellation policy.


The Panick Value Research Report is for value investors, so naturally I should talk about the price. The online version in the Seeking Alpha Marketplace costs about $1 a day. The monthly rate is $39 and the annual rate is $349. Many subscribers have suggested that I could charge a lot more, but I've decided to keep it affordable enough for even small retail investors. The Panick Report is currently the #5 service in the Seeking Alpha Marketplace out of 74 premium services. Only 2 of the top 10 services are priced lower. Many Seeking Alpha Services cost several times as much. For those on a very tight budget, there is an email version of the Panick Report (less popular since there is no access to the online chat boards) available at a discount.

Disclosure: I am/we are long FSAM, MDLY, JCAP.