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Web Hosting-Is It Necessary?

A web hosting service is the process of mounting your website on the web server. It is the process by which you can create a web presence by making your website available to all the viewers. With the hundreds and thousands of web hosting companies available today, it has become a sheer challenging job to find out the perfect web hosting company for your organization. Web hosts are those that make a place for a website on the server. You need a perfect bandwidth, numerous databases or a free domain name for the perfect web hosting.

There are various types of web hosting services available on the market today. The task of the web server computer is to accept the files send from the other requesting computer and after accepting them sending them over the internet back to the requesting computer so that the requesting computer can show the web files worldwide. The web hosting service allows you to run diverse programs, make and administer several databases, exhibit videos etc.

There are various types of web hosting services. Let us look into some of them.

Shared web hosting service- Shared hosting is the concept of hosting more than one website on one single web server. Most of the websites do not have thousands of web pages like yahoo or google. So they will not get so many visitors. On an average or more than that maximum website would not require the full utilization of a web server. Web servers are designed to handle hundreds of average sized web sites. Shared hosting is much more cheaper than other types of hosting.

Dedicated hosting- If you have a big website that is capable of attracting a huge number of visitors then there is no need to share the web server with any other website. Having a web server all by itself for a website is what we called dedicated web hosting.

Reseller web hosting- The consumers themselves acts as web hosts here. They can even function for individual domains also. It is a popular and low cost hosting service.

Cloud web hosting- This is a powerful hosting that allows the customers to host services based on the clustered load balanced servers.

Grid web hosting- When a server behaves like a grid this is called Grid web hosting.

Clustered web hosting- Multiple servers are hosting the same content for better resource consumption.

There are various factors on which web hosting services are based. Disk space is the space which a web host allots for storing your web files. The more the bandwidth a web hosting company offers to you, the better traffic you can generate for your website.

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