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Web Development From The Scratch Or With The Help Of CMS- Which One Is Your Choice?

We all know that before the evolution of the content management system softwares the websites were built starting from the very scratch. But with the evolution of the various CMS softwares, there were two choices for the developers. Most of the web developers welcomed the new technology because it needed much less effort and time.

Now whether you will develop your website from the scratch or develop it using a CMS, it solely depends upon the type of website you are about to make. If your website needs to be maintained and regularly updated by non-programmers then CMS is a must. Web sites built on a CMS are very easy to maintain as anyone with very little programming knowledge can go to the back-end admin panel and add and update whatever functionalities or contents whenever necessary.

On the other hand those websites that do not need to update the contents and functionalities on regular basis can be developed from the scratch rather than developed from a CMS. The point in building a website from the very scratch lies on the fact that the developer can customize the website exactly according to the needs of the company. He can add every possible feature imaginable. Not a single extra line of code will be there. Thereupon the company has full authority of the code used in the website as it is their original one. So web development from scratch is good for web applications with specific requirements.

As each and everything has advantage they have disadvantages too. For a web developer to start from the scratch means that he has to write down each and every line of the code. It takes an ample amount of time, moreover the cost of developing a website becomes much more. Moreover the maintenance cost will be required to maintain the site. It is really hard to find out any problem that has occurred in the coding and one may mess up with the thousands of lines of codes. Here, the site needs to be maintained by programmers who have sound knowledge of the programming languages. Moreover if there is a huge traffic rush to your website, your web server cannot take the load.

But with the help of the various CMS softwares one can use the thousands of codes developed through the years by the various web developers because they are freely available over the internet. The websites which used to take a prolonged period to develop are now developed within a very short time span as all you need to do is just modify the codes to give better functionality and looks to your website.

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