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Powerful Results Discussed By Lead Investigators of Heart Attack Trial

|Includes: Cytori Therapeutics Inc (CYTX), OSIR

Given the Dr. Duckers' commentary below including the plan to expand the trial to an additional 220 patients I believe that we have an early indication of what could potentially be the game changer in care after a heart attack using the Cytori Celution platform

(please excuse the google translation from Dutch).

Press Release From Lead Clinical Investigators for Apollo Trial

Abdominal fat as a "medicine" after heart attack Stem cells from belly fat to repair a damaged heart

People who have had a heart attack may benefit from their abdominal fat. The fat cells that are able to repair damaged hearts. If the stem cells soon after the infarction from the abdomen to move the heart, patients recover faster and better. Cardiologists of the Erasmus MC have emerged from a study with an initial group of patients. The results are so promising that the study will soon be extended to thirty other centers worldwide.

People who have had a heart attack, are often health problems. In an infarct blood vessels become damaged and a part of the heart muscle dies off. The heart pumps less than striking, patients quickly tired. Also many of these patients developed cardiac arrhythmias, and they run a greater risk of re-infarction. Acts until the time of their infarction were quite normal, patients can no longer good, such as climbing stairs or shopping. "These restrictions have much impact on their daily lives," says Eric Duckers, the interventional cardiologist who leads research with prof.Patrick Serruys.
Patients within four hours after an infarction stem cells filtered out their abdominal fat, get injected into their hearts, those problems seem to get much less. So Fourteen patients participated in the first trial. Their heart is pumping better than if they had not undergone treatment. Duckers: "For patients, this difference could decide between living with heart problems or a normal life." The findings are so promising that soon may make them 220 new patients.
Stem cells from belly fat behave in the heart and repairers. First, factors that make them the heart muscle cells just after the stroke support. Duckers: "They help the heart to speak through the difficult period of the previous heart attack." Then fix it (partially) to the infarct scar was caused by among others the creation of new blood vessels to stimulate. At the first trial have taken especially people who have had a major heart attack. The researchers wanted to know whether the treatment could be safely applied to these vulnerable people. "This appears to go well. Liposuction (grease) is very well tolerated ', says Duckers.
Patients who have taken the test, had their heart attack soon after the plastic surgeon liposuction using 200 ml (about a highball glass) with them taking away belly fat. Then the fat was in a special machine that within a few hours the stem cells from fat can filter. The cardiologist then injected the cells directly into the coronary artery of the heart.
It is the first time that stem cells from belly fat may be used to help patients. Stem cells from bone marrow are already used for various medical applications. In the bone marrow stem cells are however very relevant for the immediate treatment of heart attacks. "There are larger amounts. These are fine to get out of the abdominal fat, because most people can do what is missing. "

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