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SharkNinja Just Launched Its Robotic Vacuum Series Yesterday, We Reiterate Our Strong Sell Opinion And 20%-50% Downside Risk

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Back in June we warned that Shark Ninja, the dominant leader in the US vacuum market was planning to enter the robotic vacuum space

Yesterday, Shark debuted its offering on its website. The price point, features and distribution strategy pose a serious challenge to iRobot

We continue to see 20-50% downside risk in IRBT shares once it becomes clear its margins and market share are being eroded

Spruce Point Capital Management wants to alert our readers about a critical update to our research on iRobot (Nasdaq: IRBT). Our latest view points can be found on our website and regular updates will be posted on Twitter.

If you recall, back in June we warned that SharkNinja was planning to enter the robotic vacuum market. SharkNinja has become the leader in the US vacuum market by out-innovating competitors such as Dyson. The story is told nicely in a Forbes article entitled "How Shark Ate Dyson's Lunch In America".

There is no longer speculation about Shark and its intentions. The Company formally entered the market this week and a preview of its products are available on its website.

Based on our preliminary review, we believe Shark's ion robot series poses an even worse threat than we initially expected:

Shark's entry into the market is earlier than we expected and gives the Company enough time to compete for shelf space for the critical Q4 holiday season
Shark is entering the market with three similar looking robotic vacumm models at different price points. The model numbers are similar to iRobot's which is cleverly designed to make consumers think critically about the purchasing decision
We believe Shark is offering the same features and better value than the higher end Roomba at a fraction of the cost. The 750 Connected vacuum is offered at $349.99 with free shipping
Shark is targeting the same distribution outlets including Amazon where it will soon be available. Other mass market retailers such as WalMart, Target, Home Depot and Lowes will also sell the product
We believe that Shark entered this market because it can be at least #1 or #2 in the category. Given the US market size of approximately $440m, and assuming Shark captures 6% - 10% share, we believe $26m - $44m of iRobot's sales are at severe risk of being lost
The greater concern is that margin pressure is an inescapable problem that iRobot can no longer avoid. If Shark is successful in communicating to investors that its product has better performance with all the same features at a lower price point, iRobot will undoubtedly lose share and be forced to cut prices further resulting in significant earnings disappointment

We warned that iRobot's distributor acquisitions were defensive, now we have validation:

iRobot acquired its European distributor for a price significantly higher than its Japanese acquisition for no obvious reason. Our August 18th reportprovided irrefutable evidence to suggest financial anomalies from the margins implied from iRobot’s guidance
With prices falling across the entire category, and margins certain to be under pressure, it makes no sense how iRobot claims to receive 45% margins in Europe and 20% in Japan
iRobot has remained silent on the matter. What are they hiding?
The only action we’ve seen is iRobot’s Director sell a meaningful % of this stock – 10,000 shares at $92.71 (form 4)

Why There Is Still 20% - 50% Downside Risk

iRobot currently trades at 3x revenues and 64x P/E based on 2017E results. Not a single sell-side broker has a buy recommendation on the stock
At its current share price iRobot is trading 13% above the average analyst price target. We have yet to see a single analyst comment on the Shark entry and the risks to iRobot's earnings
Disappointment of earnings looms large, yet iRobot is trading at peak multiples and well in excess of any technology hardware company. Its multiple needs to contract to reflect the real risk of margin and share loss. At 1.5x to 2.5x sales and 20x to 33x P/E on our estimates, it's easy to see 20% to 50% downside risk potential

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