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Why XPO Logistics Appears To Be Using A Nearly Identical Playbook To United Rentals, Which Was Charged With Accounting Fraud

|About: XPO Logistics, Inc (XPO), Includes: CHRW, EXPD, FDX, IYT, KNX, UPS

XPO Logistics is a non-economic roll-up founded by Brad Jacobs in 2011, who has a web of business associates that are felons tied to United Rentals(URI), a company he founded.

Audit committee director Adrian Kingshott has hid from his bio his involvement selling notes tied to Marc Drier's $700m ponzi scheme.

XPO's surprise cash flow guidance cut yesterday morning is just the beginning. Spruce Point believes Adj EPS are overstated by 50% from similar measures accounting maneuvers used by URI.

XPO is already under investigation from the Senate for labor and safety practices. Our investigative research supporting concerns of financial overstatement could make matters worse.

XPO is heavily dependent on external financing, asset sales, and A/R factoring, making it sensitive to tightening credit conditions and bank support. Share could unravel quickly from a crisis in confidence in management.

Executive Summary

Report Entitled "Trucking Ridiculous; End Of The Road"

Spruce Point believes that XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO or “the Company”) is a classic stock promotion orchestrated by a web of individuals with  checkered pasts, including ties to convicted felons, and an individual that abetted a Ponzi-scheme. As a result, we see 40%-60% intermediate downside risk to $24.00-$36.00 per share, with up to 100% long-term downside risk as a result of a flawed business model, questionable governance, egregious financial representation, increased regulatory scrutiny, and a loss of confidence in management.

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An Ineffective Rollup Dependent On Financing For Survival

XPO has completed 17 acquisitions since CEO Brad Jacobs took control in 2011 and deployed $6.1 billion of capital. Yet by our calculations, the Company has generated $73m of cumulative adjusted free cash flow in an expansionary economic period. In our view, this is indicative of a failed business strategy yielding a paltry 1.2% return on invested capital. XPO is dependent on external capital, asset sales, and factoring receivables to operate and appears to be covering up a working capital crunch that can been seen by bank overdrafts. As credit conditions tighten, cost of capital increases, and XPO’s business practices come under greater scrutiny by government regulators, its share price could swiftly collapse in Enron-style fashion. US Senators are already investigating XPO’s labor and safety practices, but we believe they should also review our report

Select Management & Board Members Have Associations with Accounting Frauds or Ponzi Schemes

CEO Jacobs has surrounded himself with a web of associates from his United Waste Systems and United Rentals days, companies where two of his former partners were convicted of accounting fraud and sent to jail. One recent XPO Director was sanctioned by FINRA, undisclosed to investors, for employing one of Jacob’s former partners that was sent to prison. XPO’s Audit Committee Director omits from his bio that he played a role in distributing securities related to Marc Drier’s $700m Ponzi Scheme. In addition, XPO’s Director of Technical Accounting and Financial Reporting worked at KPMG and Xerox during a period both companies were charged by the SEC with fraud. These facts should give investors extreme caution

Myriad Accounting Gimmicks Materially Distort XPO Financial Condition

In our opinion, XPO has used a nearly identical playbook from United Rentals leading up to its SEC investigation, executive felony convictions, and share price collapse. We find concrete evidence to suggest dubious tax accounting, under-reporting of bad debts, phantom income through unaccountable M&A earn-out liabilities, and aggressive depreciation assumptions: all designed to portray glowing “Non-GAAP” results. Additionally, we provide evidence that its “organic revenue growth” cannot be relied upon, its free cash flow does not reflect its fragile financial condition, and numerous headwinds will pressure earnings.

Multiple Valuation Approaches Point To 40%-60% Downside Risk:

XPO has morphed from a traditional third-party logistics provider into an integrated provider of transportation and logistics services (capital intensive). As a result, we believe it should receive a lower multiple more in-line with larger integrated peers such as UPS and FDX Fedex, albeit at a valuation discount to reflect its low-quality earnings from all the issues we’ve identified. We believe XPO’s highly “adjusted” EPS estimates require $190 million in “modifications” to account for a combination of aggressive accounting, unsustainable pension gains, and poor labor and safety practices. Our estimate of normalized EPS, adjusting for dilution, is $1.76 (47% below consensus) per share and suggests a price target of $24.00 to $36.00.

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