Why Spruce Point Believes CVNA Has 50%-70% Intermediate Downside Risk, And Is Potentially Worthless

Feb. 12, 2019 9:53 AM ETCarvana Co. (CVNA)AN, GPI, KMX, LAD, SAH
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  • Carvana (CVNA) was incubated under DriveTime whose CEO is a convicted felon. DriveTime could not go public, so we believe the Garcia family is indirectly monetizing its holdings thorough CVNA.
  • CVNA has all the markings of stock promotion; hyping its ability to disrupt the car purchasing process through gimmicky vending machines and internet purchases while burning >$350m/yr.
  • CVNA is now indebted w/CCC junk and selling subprime auto loans to an entity named Sonoran, and it is unclear who its backers are.
  • Tightening credit conditions, and questionable business practices coming under greater scrutiny are tail risks that could wipe out the equity.
  • CVNA trades at 1.5x sales on the misperception it will scale to profits and be a lasting industry disruptor. In reality, auto dealers trade at 0.50x-0.75x which would yield a 50%-70% downside risk.

Executive Summary

Report Entitled "A Countrywide Auto Stock Promotion"

Spruce Point is pleased to issue a critical forensic "Strong Sell" report on Carvana Co. (NYSE: CVNA, Carvana or “the Company”). In our opinion, Carvana is a used car auto dealership masquerading as a high-growth technology-disruptive business. Carvana is majority owned and controlled by the Garcias, notably patriarch Eddie Garcia III, a convicted felon and owner of DriveTime. Given DriveTime's failures to IPO or sell itself, we believe Carvana was incubated as means to unlock value for the Garcias and early investors, at the onerous expense of new public shareholders. Burning >$350m per year and now heavily encumbered with CCC rated junk debt, we believe Carvana is becoming increasingly dependent on aggressive accounting and issuing stock grants to project growth to investors, while stemming employee defections. At best, we believe Carvana is worth $9.60 - $16.00 per share (50%-70% downside), and at worst its equity is worthless under a few plausible scenarios.

Our report will detail that Carvana is extremely dependent on subprime auto lending and origination, along with other questionable business practices that may skirt industry best practices, and the law. Its main financing partner, Ally Capital, appears to be slowly distancing itself, while a trust named Sonoran fills the void. Management has been unwilling to fully disclose the exact parties behind Sonoron, but claims they are independent. 

Spruce Point sees 50%-70% downside risk given our belief that: 1) Carvana will never scale or hit its lofty long-term aspirations, 2) Its technology advantage claims are more likely designed to spin a stock sale story, 3) Its management lacks depth and public company experience running a levered business, 4) Its accounting and financial presentation is becoming more aggressive to provide the illusion of GPU growth, 5) Its Board, including former VP Dan Qualye, who in addition to his son, received political donations from the Garcias, should hardly be considered "independent", 6) It is heavily dependent on selling subprime auto loans at a time when a key counterparty is reducing exposure, and an opaque entity appears to be paying noneconomic prices, and 7) Carvana trades at a substantial premium to traditional auto dealers (AN, KMX, PAH, LAD, GPI, ABG, SAH)  and peers that have both profitable business and reduced subprime auto loan exposure.

Carvana's equity could be entirely worthless if credit conditions change, its business were to come under greater regulatory scrutiny, or if incorrect representations concerning its auto finance loans sold required it repurchase such receivables. If equity investors were unwilling to backstop further losses and such risks, Carvana could face terminal bankruptcy.

Our detailed research report is available on our website. We also encourage all of our readers to follow us on Twitter @sprucepointcap for regular updates. Please review our disclaimer at the bottom of this email.

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Disclosure: I am/we are short CVNA.

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